Wedding Party

All the girls finally together at the bachelorette weekend.  Picture of all the boys after the bachelor party next weekend!
From left: Megan, Kathleen, Caroline, Holly, Steph

Stephanie - Maid of Honour


Stephanie is one of Kathleen’s friends from Queen’s.  They met in residence, and then moved in together in 3rd year.  Steph grew up in Erin, Ontario, and has a Biology degree and a diploma from Sheridan in Environmental Control and works at Golder & Associates in Mississauga.  Steph is a country girl at heart, working at the dairy for many years lugging big bags of milk, but is also very classy and polite – the best of both worlds.  She makes friends easily wherever she goes, and ensures that everyone has a good time.  She will, no doubt, be the best Maid of Honour any bride could ask for!


Jamie - Best Man


Jamie is Matt’s younger brother.  They grew up together in Oakville, Ontario.  Jamie has a diploma from Sheridan in Early Childhood Education, and is a Program Direction at Muskoka Woods in the summer.  He is now in England to work as a youth pastor.  He is also involved in charity work like The Romania Project.  Jamie always tells it like it is, but also has a kind heart.  He has a great sense of style, and loves music and sports.  He will be the greatest Best Man because he plans and pulls off the best days for everyone around him, including bringing bands into town for people’s parties.  He will also keep Matt in line and things running smoothly on the big day!

*He did, along with snagging some great JW Blue Label!

Holly - Bridesmaid


Holly is another one of Kathleen’s friends from Queen’s.  They met in residence, and also moved in together in 3rd year.  Holly grew up in Erin, Ontario, and has a degree in English & Sociology and a Teaching degree from Christchurch University.  She currently resides and teaches in New Zealand.  Holly is fun and outgoing, and always says what’s on her mind.  She is also very insightful and a great person to talk to when you are having a bad day – she can always be counted on for a cheer up and to have candy when needed.  She will be an excellent bridesmaid, despite being halfway around the world, and is eager to help with anything she can even from far away!

Matt - Groomsman


Matt is one of Matt’s friends from Queen’s.  They met in third year and lived together for their last two years of school.  Matt grew up in Cobourg, Ontario, and has a degree and Masters in Mechanical Engineering.  He currently works at Crossey Engineering and lives in Toronto.  Matt is smart and insightful, and a loyal friend.  He is very into sports, playing varsity baseball in university.  He is small town boy living in a big city, and loving it.  If lost, he can be found at Grace O’Malley’s, where everyone knows his name.  He will be an excellent groomsman because he can be counted on to dance with all the girls and keep everyone smiling.

Caroline - Bridesmaid


Caroline is yet another one of Kathleen’s friends from Queen’s.  They met in residence, and moved in together in 3rd year.  Caroline grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, and has a Life Sciences degree and is currently completing a Masters program in Biomedical Engineering in Ottawa.  Caroline is intelligent and sweet, and did I mention a great dancer?  She wears her heart on her sleeve and can be counted on to get all nostalgic and remember the fun details from the past years.  She will be an amazing bridesmaid, because she is so accommodating and will make the bride cry or laugh like crazy when appropriate on the big day!

Kyle - Groomsman


Kyle is another one of Matt’s friends from Queen’s.  They met in first year and moved in together in 4th year.  Kyle grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Kyle currently resides in London, England, and works at Barclays Capital as an Investment Banker.  Kyle is funny, actually hilarious, and always gets the party going.  He is very athletic, plays rep baseball, and would also play for the English National hockey team…if they had one.  He will be an amazing groomsman because although he lives far away, he will show up when it truly matters – the bachelor party…I suppose he’ll stick around for the wedding too.

Megan - Bridesmaid


Megan is Matt’s younger sister.  They met a few months after Matt and Kathleen started dating.  Megan grew up in Oakville, Ontario with her two older brothers and somehow survived all of their torture.  She currently is attending Queen’s University for Nursing, following in Matt and Kathleen's footsteps - best university EVER!  This is a perfect career for her as she is understanding and compassionate, yet hard working and organized.  She is full of spirit and can be counted on to keep the bride pumped up no matter how crazy the next year will be.  She is going to be a great bridesmaid, and an even greater sister.

Adam - Groomsman


Adam is Kathleen’s younger brother.  They met a few months after Kathleen & Matt started dating.  Adam grew up in Pickering, Ontario, and has a business degree from UOIT in Accounting.  He currently works at KPMG in Toronto as an accountant, doing audits for the ICE group.  He does NOT do taxes.  Adam has a great sense of humour, although the jokes may be at Kathleen’s expense.  He loves sports like baseball and hockey, and even the weird ones like Indy Car racing.  If the limo breaks down, he will at least have a sweet ride to the ceremony. He will be a great groomsman because he will keep both bride and groom laughing the entire night, even if at inappropriate times.