Potraits by Joni Allardyce

Joni Allardyce is Matt's cousin, and an incredible photographer.  Since Matt and I began talk about getting married, we have always dreamed that our pictures would be as beautiful of the ones that she takes.  Luckily, she agreed with ethusiasm to do our wedding pictures and we will be forever grateful to her for it!  The 25th Anniversary Edition of Weddingbells Magazine has Joni as the photographer in a featured wedding - check it out!  Joni is also bringing a second shooter to help her that day, named Erin Blinn, another amazing photographer from Texas.  

 Please visit Joni at to access her professional site and blog.  Check out Erin at for access to her professional site and blog.  Almost all of our wedding pictures from throughout the day are on my married bio in the "About Me" drop down menu, organized by timeline.  You can check those out HERE.

The pictures below are some that Joni has taken of Matt and I during various family occasions in the past four years.

Photo Booth

We also want to have a backdrop setup with props in one corner of our reception room.  This will be a great addition to thank you cards and just a chance to have some more fun during the night!  This is what I have purchased so far:

Photobooth and wedding reception pictures can be found on my married bio HERE.