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Kathleen is a secondary science teacher with the Durham Catholic District School Board.  She grew up in Pickering, Ontario with her parents and younger brother.  She went to Queen's University in Kingston for science and graduated with an honours degree in Chemistry.  She went to UOIT in Oshawa for a degree in Intermediate/Senior Education in Chemistry and Math the following year.  Right out of school she secured a position with the DCDSB.  She moved downtown in the fall of 2007.


Matt is a mining engineer with SNC-Lavalin in the Process Group.  He grew up in Oakville, Ontario with his parents and younger brother and sister.  Matt went to Queen's University in Kingston and graduated with honours, with a dual degree in Mining Engineering and Economics.  Right out of school he began working for SNC-Lavalin, and since has worked on a few projects, including one which took him to Nevada for a few months.  Matt moved downtown in the summer of 2007.


Kathleen & Matt met at Queen's University, in Kingston, in their 4th year.  Matt's 6 other housemates hung out with Kathleen's 3 other housemates, and it just seemed as if they were never out on the same night to run into each other.  In January 2006, they finally met at the boy's house to celebrate a friend's birthday.  Matt actually invited a girl out with them that night, but luckily for Kathleen, that did not work out for them.  Matt asked her housemates who she was...one replied "you don't want to know" (ahem - Holly) and the other kindly let him know who I was (Steph).  They didn't actually speak until the next week when they were all out again, and it seemd somehow planned that they would be at the same place at the same time.  They hit it off and talked the night away.  They went out on a date the following week and continued to spend lots of time together until the end of the year. 

They continued dating through the following year, with Kathleen in teacher's college, and Matt completing his economics degree at Queen's - although the long distance relationship was hard, they talked every day and saw each other as often as possible.  Matt moved to Toronto the following summer, and Kathleen in the fall.  They moved in together in the fall of 2008, and were engaged in April 2009.

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