My Own Inspiration Board

These are inspiration boards from my own creation, made through and Pantone colour swatches.  Pictures were taken from and from  The colours are ivories and soft whites with lush flowers, and only a hint of a navy in the accessories. 

Ceremony Decor

For the ceremony, I want to keep things simple.  Two pewter tall vases with lots of creams and ivories and full flowers.  They will double as decor during the reception as well.


These are some centerpieces I like, all from  My friend's mom, Cheryl, once again will be doing all the floral decor, including ceremony, bouquets, and centerpieces.  She came up with a lot of the concepts based on what I showed her in pictures. They will be in short square vases with pearl and crystal strands around them (she made my day when she suggested this), with ivory and white flowers like roses, hydrangeas, freesia, stephanotis, plus a spring of blue orchid at one corner for contrast (again - something I never would have thought of, myself).
One sprig of the blue orchid below in each centerpiece

Linens & Chair Covers

Our tablecloths are a very subtle ivory/white damask/brocade. For chair covers, we are doing a simple ivory swag (no satin, no fluffy froofy puffiness!).  The head table and cake table will have a bit of ivory swag and some twinkle lights. We will be using our venues white napkins as well. It took me 3 places to find some great decor places - some were shady, some were pricey, but # 3 was JUST RIGHT - so glad to be done this stuff!