Wedding Ceremony
St. Patrick's Catholic Church

The wedding ceremony is at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Toronto, Ontario.  It is the church that Matt and I attend each week and it is beautiful.  Our priest is Father Gerald Fleming - he prefers to be called Father Mick.  He is very funny and outgoing, and will no doubt be a great priest on our wedding day.  We have already finished our 'Marriage Prep' course, picked our music and readings and general order or things, and written a letter talking about our individual hopes and dreams, our goals in marriage and in life, and little things about one another.  He wants the service to be very personal and I think this is a great way to get to know us better.  He will keep everyone laughing and smiling and it promises to be a great ceremony!  The pictures above where taken from Google - the first being a view from McCaul street facing the church, and the other showing the long walk I will do to the alter.  Seriously, it is deemed as the longest aisle in Toronto, so cross your fingers because I am a clumsy bride!

Ceremony Details

The ceremony will be approximately one hour in length.  There will be a mass along with the Sacrament of Marriage, with music provided by violinist, Jill Daley.  The church is NOT air conditioned, although there will be little fans provided (acting also as the programs).  Bring a bottle of water if it is a hot day, please!

There is parking lot across the street from the church with 30 spaces (which will open about an hour before the ceremony for us), and meter parking on all the surrounding side-streets.  Please use the map below to help direct you to the church.

We would love to get a picture of everyone on the front steps of the church after the ceremony, so please stick around for a few minutes before heading to the Royal York (or to the bar, Sin and Redemption, across the street)!

Order of Ceremony

  • Processional & Introductory Rites - Cohen - Hallelujah 
  • First Reading - Song of Songs 2. 10, 14, 16a, 8. 6-7a - read by Matt's Mom, Lynn
  • Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 145 - read by Matt's sister, Megan
  • Second Reading - 1 Corinthians 12.31-13.9 - read by Kathleen's Mom, Kelly (read at her own wedding in 1980)
  • Gospel Reading & Homily - John 15. 9-12
  • Sacrament of Marriage (Intentions, Rings, Vows)
  • Prayers of Intercession - read by Kathleen's brother, Adam
  • Bringing up the Gifts - Kathleen & Matt's dads, Tom and Peter - Joncas - On Eagle's Wings
  • Nuptial Blessing (the kissing part)
  • Communion & Closing Rites - Hopson - The Water is Wide
  • Signing of the Registry - Satie - From My First Moment
  • Recessional - Bach - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring