DIY Projects

Engagement Party Favour Boxes

Got the boxes, ribbon, and stickers from Michael's.  Printed up the tags on my computer.  They were filled with different types of candy.  Some were filled with M&Ms (our last names both start with M, and we love them - the peanut ones are the best, but we used regular in case of allergies), and some with Jelly Belly's (also a fav of mine, and they were in our wedding colours).  The basket I used was one of my mom's, so the cost of making all of this was relatively low.  Probably about $1/favour total.

Invitation Assembly

I designed a basic layout for the invitations, reply card, accommodations card, and rehearsal dinner card.  Marta's graphic designer made the map and Marta helped me a LOT with everything - choosing pockets, assembling the main part of the invite, picking ribbon and buckle and paper!  I am having the moms, Steph, and Megan over to help me to stuff everything!  This is not exactly DIY as I had way more help, but this was still fun to document the process of what I did do myself!
Pictures of Matt doing the stamps and return address labels for the RSVP envelopes, and our girls night filling the pockets and putting the ribbon around them.  Done 102 envelopes - addressed, stuffed, ready to go!

Card Boxes

I bought 3 white boxes which I plan to wrap and decorate with ribbon.  The custom ones are $100+ US on Etsy, and the boxes, ribbon, and wrapping paper cost me $25.  It's a little rough around the edges but I still think it looks pretty good!
This is the took about an hour and I still have to cover up the exacto-knife marks on the card slot
$10 - 3 boxes$10 - roll of blue wrapping paper$5 - lacy ribbon
*I already had glue dots, tape, scissors, and a glue gun (which I didn't end up using)
Card box inspiration from

Wedding Favours

We are doing bistro mugs filled with personalized coffee, tea or hot cocoa, plus some Hershey's Kisses and Hugs. Got it done with my mom while FI is away at his bachelor party weekend. 
Materials: 5 cases of white bistro mugs (160 of them total) - from
7 kg of Hershey's kisses and hugs (5 in each mug)
7 rolls of blue & white polka dot ribbon, three "bolts" of tulle - all from Michaels
1 box filled with personalized coffee, tea, and cocoa (180 pieces) - from

Table Names

Matt helped me design these!  We are naming our tables after streets in Toronto instead of numbered them.  He has Corel Draw on his computer which works better with graphics - here is a sample of what we did, for the head table, Front Street.  They will be in 5x7 frames.


Our menus will be displayed in 5x7 frames with the table names - they have the same theme of the Toronto skyline running across the bottom.


There are framed pictures at the favours table, the guest book table, and near the photo booth - I made the basic poems but Matt made them way better when I finished!


Seating Chart

I think I am going to make a big poster seating chart versus individual seating cards...just makes it easier for everyone and less paper!  The layout for the room will correspond show which table and where people are sitting. I did it on Powerpoint and converted it to an image file, then printed it at Staples onto foam board.  I would post it - but it has a lot of last names!!!