Attire & Accessories


We found a great dress from the Dessy Collection from a store on the Danforth!  It is tea-length, "midnight" (navy) in colour with matching sash, sweetheart neckline, with optional spaghetti straps.  2 girls are using the straps, and 2 are wearing it strapless.  Everyone loved it so they are all wearing the same dress, although they had the choice to wear all different ones.  Below it is featured in black.

For accessories, the girls will choose what they want in terms of hair, makeup, jewellry, purses, wraps, and shoes.  I don't want them to all match - their personality should come through!

Moms & Dads

My mom's dress is in a peacock blue and is full-length, from the Venus "Bella" collection.   It's not exactly like the one below in brown, but quite similar.  It's the blue colour below!  Matt's mom picked a full-length pewter/stone dress (see below)  I think a good idea would be to take the extra material when altering the dress to make a pocket square for the dads to match.  I think the dads are going to be wearing simple black tuxes, white shirts, and black vests.  Not sure about the ties yet...

My mom's dress in the blue colour, but more similar to the style of the brown dress - neither is the exact one.
Matt's mom's dress - she may get straps added on to it and a shawl for the church.

Groom & Groomsman

Matt took some of his boys to look at tuxes.  They decide on a black single button classic tux, with white shirts, and actually loved the navy vest, paisley tie, and pocket square.  I wasn't sure about it, but it looked great in the pictures my brother was nice enough to send me.  The black makes the navy pop, and it will match the girls.  

The boys didn't even try anything on *sigh* - they used Matt as a "Ken Doll" - his words, and figured out what would look best on HIM, and would go with that - boys are so much easier (and nicer) than girls!  Matt will wear a white or ivory vest, tie, and pocket square.

I think they are all going to go out and get different ties and pocket squares - I don't want they to all match exactly, just as I don't with the girls!


I ended up getting the dress from the Danforth that I had pictured in my head - lace, nothing puffy (nothing that can stand up on its own or make a lot of noise - Grey's Anatomy reference), slimming, and strapless.  It has some nice detailing too.  It is Pronovias "Rosana" and it is beautiful!  Here are two pictures I found on Google - one of it close up, and the other full length (but I will not have the wrap around veil - what is up with that - you can hardly see the dress in the pictures)!  I also put one up of me holding the dress.  All fittings are done now, the bustle is finished - and it is ready to go!!!