Wedding Budget


OK, so I'm not going to blab on and on about our budget and all the details.

But I do want to mention that this is TOUGH.  It's hard to know how much you can spend, how much you should be spending, and how to ask for help. 

The wedding business is booming and it is crazy how much money can be spent on one day.  I thought I knew rough prices before we were engaged, but I was WRONG.  Our budget that we though was reasonable has doubled since we started researching.  This is largely because we are getting married in downtown Toronto, where there is a lot of competition for venues and vendors.

Matt and I are very lucky because our parents are helping us with a lot of the costs - not everything, we are definitely paying for things ourselves as well - but there is no way that we could afford this special day without them.

So now we need to stick to the far so good, but there is a lot more to go...I'll keep you posted!

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