This is that time of year I dread...back to school.  I have put off for far too long all my school planning for the upcoming year.  I got back from the cottage on Sunday night so I decided to dedicate myself to working on my unit plans...but I came home to no groceries, a ton of laundry, 2 giant bins filled with engagement party gifts to sift through, and thank you notes to finish.

Luckily the majority of that I finished on Monday - I have concluded that we have way too much stuff, and a very small apartment.  I somehow found a home for everything new.  Still no groceries...but it's a start.

There is less than a year now until the wedding, so my checklist through theknot actually has things for me to do this month.  I am supposed to head out to try on dresses - that will be checkmarked this Saturday - and hopefully I'll have a dress too! YAY!

We are also supposed to start looking at Live Bands, and researching Honeymoons.  Well...these are Matt's 2 and only jobs.  He is taking a more laid back approach to all the planning, so I may have to give him a bit of a push to get these things done.  All I've asked is that they are figured out before he goes to Nevada in November - he'll be there for at least 2 months for work.  Hopefully we can find a great band at a reasonable price - any recommendations?  Also, we are very strongly thinking about the Bahamas, but the hurricanes happening now are a bit scary for our honeymoon!

I also want to at least know who our catering manager is at the Royal York...we signed our contract over 2 months ago but we haven't heard from anyone yet.  I guess there is still a lot of time, but I guess with Matt leaving, I want to know the big things are taken care of.  I also have to confirm with the florist about our wedding date (she said its best to book the date early, and then we have tons of time to pick actual flowers).

So now juggling begins - I was lucky to have so much time this summer to look and plan wedding things, but it was during the time that it was too early to really book anything or see vendors.  Oh well, most people don't have months off to do this and they figure it out somehow.  It's going to be a busy year for sure!

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