Ugh - uncheck...


So our linen place is being shady...the quote they gave us is high and they won't give us a complete breakdown - considering it is only chair covers, table clothes, and a bit of head table "sprucing up" it shouldn't be that hard to break down.  We are going to wait to see if they give us more information, but I've done a bit of research and this seems to be the norm.

I don't like to bash but I also don't want other brides to have this experience.  What's worse is after this appointment I recommended another bride to them - I hope I can get a hold of her to let her know!  The place is called Linens Under Wraps, and its in Woodbridge - I hope some have had good service from them at least!  The guy we worked with, Phil, is very personable, but the whole company is a bit scatterbrained and hard to get a hold of.  They seem very eager to get their 25% deposit but not so eager to give us some details.

Hope that helps brides seeking some decor!

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