On Saturday night Matt and I went to a restaurant/club up at Yonge & Eglinton to check out a potential band for our wedding.


They are incredible!  They opened nice and mellow while dinner was finished, even played our "first dance" song, and did a great transition into dinner.  They are a 5 piece band with a mix of male and female vocals.  They performed pretty much every type of music, and lots of current stuff mixed with old favourites.


I was so impressed - they are above and beyond what I would have ever expected from a wedding band!  We talked to their booking agent, and they are drawing up a contract for our wedding.  They are a great price, and they include their own lighting and sound equipment, plus they have played at our venue before!  They are going to play through the cocktail hour, dinner, and into the night so we can dance and sing away!

Sorry I am being discreet with my vendors and entertainment - I have heard horror stories from other knotties about girls who have pretended to be the bride and went to get their hair done and even showed up on the day of another girl's wedding and pretended to be the bride (PS - who DOES that), or pretends to be the bride and cancel vendors so they can have them for themselves...weird.  Closer to the wedding date, I'll have a whole list of my vendors and everything - I am so impressed so far!

Anyway - yay band - things seem to be falling into place!  I finally heard from my Royal York catering manager and we are setting up an appointment to meet ASAP! So excited to get back into the room and brainstorm about EVERYTHING! :)

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