The Party!!!


Last Saturday my parents threw us an engagement party at their house.  It was absolutely incredible!

It started out in a bit of a frenzy.  I had the great idea to go to the gym in the morning, rush home and get ready, get my makeup done at MAC, and then come home and get changed.  It was so hot out that Matt drove me to and from the appointment, so he really didn't start getting ready until about 3:30pm....we were supposed to be at my parents' house at 4:30.  We were late.

Our immediately families were both there before us, and we wanted to do pictures.  It was chaos, but we got some great shots out back by the pool, and before all the guests arrived.

The guests started coming right at 5, and trickled in to about 6.  I manned the door and freed Matt about halfway through the hour - it was an overwhelming task greeting everyone.  This is good practice for the receiving line at the wedding for sure.

Once everyone was there, I got to mingle around.  The 100 people decided ALL to be outside rather than a mix of in and out, which made the backyard crowded.  I did my best working my way through the people and making sure they had fun.  I didn't eat anything at all - there was just no time.  Luckily, right before the speeches I grabbed a piece of pizza that we ordered for the kids.  Such nice catered food and all I had a little chicken thing and a piece of pita bread with dip, plus the pizza slice.

At 8 we did a few speeches and toasts.  Both dads said a little something, as well as both Matt and myself.  It was nice to hear from both sides of the family and such nice words of welcome to the family.  Great champagne that Matt's parents brought, and Matt and I got to use the glasses he bought when he first proposed to me in April.

After that, guests with kids started to leave, and by 10, everyone except the immediately family (and Caroline) had gone.  We did the cake cutting and eating of great dessets between then, and lots of thank you's and goodbye's to our guests.  At 10, my mom decided it would be nice if we opened the gifts...this would have been fine, except for that our guests were extremely generous, and the entire living room was covered in gifts and cards and bottles of wine for the hosts.  It was very overwhelming.

So we smiled and opened all the gifts, I read the cards, and Caroline wrote the gifts on the cards.  This really helped for the thank you notes either.  Thanks Killer!  After that we had to load it all up and take it home - it took up a lot of space and they have yet to be unpacked (we went to the cottage the following Monday for a week).

All in all, it was a great party.  My parents were wonderful for throwing it and organizing.  The house looked great, especially the new kitchen.  Thanks to everyone who brought desserts and gifts - they are amazing! :)

PS - Check out the pictures under the "engagement party" tab!

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