So my parents decided that they would like to host an engagement party for Matt and I in the summer.  This was very generous of them, and we were very happy to agree.  They were remodeling their kitchen, so they were exciting to show it off.  They planned it for the summer because they wanted to make sure the remodelling was complete.  This was a GOOD IDEA!

Since the engagement, many other projects have taken place in their home.  Not only have they completely redone the kitchen, they repainted the entire downstairs and main area upstairs, they have bought many new furnishings, decorations, and repainted the outside garage and trim.  WOW.  Every time I go there something new is done.

I started feeling bad about this, because they are stressed, and there is still so much to do, and it is only 3 days away!  BUT, my mom reassured me by saying that sometimes you just need that motivation to do these big renovations and get going with chance.  They are very excited for the party and I am doing what I can to help.

My parents decided to invite all of our family, including my cousins.  This is a big deal, because my dad has 6 brothers and sisters, resulting in 17 first cousins.  Only the oldest 4 on my dad's side and the only 2 on my mom's side will be invited to the wedding.  This party was a good way to include the rest and get the whole family together.  This meant that the guest list was expanding rapidly.  They invited some family friends too, and of course Matt's whole family and family friends (luckily his family is much smaller than mine!).  We invited only our closest friends, which put the list at 125.  It was crazy.  I didn't know how we would fit that many people in that house, but the caterers said it would be fine, and we knew a lot of people would be on vacation. 

Well 3 days before and the guest count is 95.  That is more reasonable, but still a lot of people!  My parents are having the party catered - this includes hot and cold appetizers, pop and alcohol, and cake with coffee and tea.  Matt's parents graciously offered to get champagne for a toast, and many people are also making little desserts.

My friend Marta did the invitations for the party.  They are amazing.  She is so busy - she is a science teacher, like me, she teaches dance outside of school, and has this invitation & favour business.  I loved the way they turned out and I will most likely use her for my wedding invitations as well!

I decided that I wanted to make favours for everyone to take as a parting gift, and also as a little "save the date" for the wedding.  I headed to Michael's and got 100 little white gift boxes, some ribbons, some stickers, and then went to Bulk Barn and got candy - Jelly Beans in our colours (Navy and Peach), M&Ms (for our last names), and Runts (because those little fruits are awesome).  I also got some Reese's Pieces for my brother.  Turns out that I didn't get enough ribbon or candy (not even CLOSE), so had to return for more.  Make the boxes stopped being fun around 30, but I got all 100 done in the end!

3 more days until the party - I'm getting excited!!!

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