The next choice was an obvious choice.  We needed a photographer, and we only had one person we wanted - if she couldn't do it, we would have been lost.  Luckily, she is an incredible photographer and also Matt's cousin, Joni.  We were hesistant to ask her, only because we wanted to make sure that she had fun on the day, and didn't feel like she was just working.  Matt's family is very close and we see them often, and we wanted everyone to have a great time at the wedding.

I asked Matt's sister to kind of feel it out, and she definitely said that I should ask.  I am a bit shy when it comes to these things, so I eventually worked up the courage to ask her when we were lounging in the hot tub on the May long weekend.  She enthusiastically agreed and we were both very happy for the rest of the weekend!  YAY!

She has taken pictures of her family since I have known her, and recently she has made it a profession.  She does engagements, weddings, family portraits, and just random fun shots wherever she goes.  She is employed by Muskoka Woods to do their brochure photography in the summer.  She has also written a book, with proceeds from the book going to The Romania Project.  In short, she is amazing! 

Check her out: OR (her blog).  She even Matt and I on her "engagement picture" info page!

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