Yesterday went with my mom and picked up (and paid the balance for) my dress!  Tried it on, played around with hair and accessory ideas (leaning towards hair up now, but not severely pulled back or anything - loose and full of curly tendrils).  Definitely need to lose a few inches in the waist (I've gained weight since I got my dress, but that normally happens in the winter, so I'm not worried).  

Supposedly the alterations are going to be tricky with all the nice lace detailing on the bottom, but I have a few recommended seamstresses.  I'm excited to get some shoes to match and figure out jewelery!  Starting to feel like a bride!

Matt's working on wedding insurance (yes, still), but I think it will be sorted out and done by next week - he just has to figure out exactly what the Royal York requires of us!

Working on invitation wording this weekend, and deciding what I want to include so I can tell Marta.  I've given her rough style ideas for them, but I'm giving her a lot of range with creativity.

Matt's parents went to Stratus last week and had some different dishes - going to get filled in when I see them next weekend for a post family day dinner.

That's all for now I think - Happy Valentine's Day and Family Day everyone!!!

Below is a picture of Matt and I at a Valentine's Day party within our first few weeks of dating in 2006!

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