Wednesday I went to Marta's house - to see the new house, to see the new puppy (a bassett hound named Phoebe) and to talk invitations.  The house is gorgeous, the puppy is SO CUTE (but also a pain in the ass at 2 months old, lol, definitely waiting to get a house before getting a puppy), and we got lots accomplished in terms of invites.  

We are using the same colours as the engagement party invites (see picture below) - a creamy colour called "quartz" for the outer envelope, and the pocketfold, plus the invitation itself, and the "sapphire blue" for the lining and the response envelope.  She's also lining the outside of the pocketfold with a textured ivory paper, and tied with a ribbon.  We aren't doing an inner envelope because of the pocketfold format.  We decided on doing the main invite, the RSVP card and envelope, the accomodations card, a map, and the rehearsal dinner invite for the wedding party.  I just have to send her the final wording and then my part is done except for picking the final design in a few weeks!  Thank you, Marta - you are AMAZING! :)

Friday went to Elmwood with my mom and got a facial.  I don't love skin is sensitive, especially around my eyes, and at some points they were BURNING!  It's also pretty tough for me, mentally and emotionally, to have someone examining the skin on my face.  I have a lot of scarring from acne since I was young, so someone seeing all that and judging it was tough, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I may keep getting facials at the regular place where I get my eyebrows done, just because I can't afford to go to Elmwood every month!  I definitely want to get into a better skin care routine over the next few months.

After Elmwood we crossed the street to my mom's salon, and talked to her stylist about the wedding day.  They have everyone working that day so me and my mom will share her stylist (as my mom's short hair will take less than a half hour), and all the other bridesmaids will have their own stylist.  Once I book a makeup artist, we can confirm times.  We may go into the salon earlier than necessary because although hair won't take that long, makeup for 6 girls with possibly only one artist may take a lot longer.  Also one of the stylists can get hair clip extensions for me, so that's one less worry!

Tomorrow I'm hoping I will be in the mood to update the registry - it sounds fun, but Matt and I don't really enjoy it all that much.  I am excited to pick out luggage, though, because it will make me think of the HONEYMOON!!!  I also finally renewed my passport yesterday - I should get it just after Easter so that it is all ready for the summer!

Next wedding steps will be to find a makeup artist - I called one that was highly recommended but she never returned my call - I'll give her until tomorrow (who knows - she could be on a March Break vacation), and then give her one last call before I move on down the list.  I also want to pick readings and music for the ceremony so I can get in touch with my violinist, and start thinking about wedding programs.  That's it for now - hopefully I can get all that stuff done by mid-April.

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