We found out pretty soon that the same group had both August 7th and 14th on hold at the Royal York.  They were having a conference there and couldn't decide on the date.  Since they would bring in a lot of revenue to the hotel, they were a bit more flexible with holds than a wedding - makes sense.  We found out about a week later that they dropped both holds, and we had our choice of dates.  We wanted the earlier date, but we figured we'd talk to the priest first, knowing we had these options.

Matt and I attend St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Toronto - right across the street from the AGO.  Although we didn't attend as often as we should, we started making a real effort once we got engaged.  We really did want to get married in the Catholic church.  I contacted the priest once we knew of the Royal York, and we had to wait a few more weeks to meet him since he was visiting family on the East Coast.  We were both nervous to meet him - he's a PRIEST!  We live together...which is definitely an issue...and we were worried he'd yell at us.  Although he did mention on the phone that not many churches would marry us, he would be happy to meet us and discuss it.

We went in one Saturday morning and were pleasantly surprised.  He is very relaxed and funny, and we really got along well with him.  Father Mick, as he's called, is going to be a great priest.  For now, we should continue attending church, and we have to sign up for a marriage prep course in the fall.  Once that is complete, we'll talk more about song choices, program, etc.  He also is going to ask each of us to write a letter telling out about ourselves, each others, and our hopes for the future.  Easy enough for me - I write very quickly and can go on and on (hence this neverending blog post), but for Matt?  Oh geez...the poor boy's head will probably explode from frustration before he even finishes one page.  This was a good time to mention that it would really be sweet if we wrote each other a letter to open before we saw each other the morning of the wedding - lol.  I'm so mean.

So we chose August 7th, 2010 as our official wedding date.  We called the Royal York and we officially got that date, only a month after we were engaged.  We signed the contract about a month after that as well.

Now what?  It's still over a year away at this point!

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