Busy Weekend!!!


Tomorrow I am going to look at a decor place for linens and chair covers in the morning.  I'm hoping its easy and I can get it all done quickly.  Ivory linens & chair covers and that should be good!

Tomorrow afternoon is the Knottie GTG at Richtree - YAY!  Excited to see Jessica and all the other girls that I've been talking to for a while and have a nice lunch.

Tomorrow evening Matt's work gave us some tickets to a reception for his engineering conference this weekend at a restaurant up at Yonge & Eglinton, so we'll get dressed up and go there to schmooze with some of his bosses.

Sunday Matt's at his conference in the morning and in the afternoon we are going to see my whole dad's side of the family and have lunch together for my grandmother's birthday.  Sunday evening I'll talk wedding and rehearsal details with Matt's mom.

Started my invite wording, and my mom's helped me too.  I'll have to talk to Marta to get some etiquette and formatting stuff understood.  She's going to do them on March Break so I'll have some samples to look at once I get back to work.

Hopefully I'll have some wedding checkmarks once the weekend is over!  

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