Lots to do in the next week in terms of reorganizing our condo (it is a disaster) and getting ready for school, but I will probably take a day to do some vendor reviews, post pictures, give some day-of details, etc.  All was great!

A few pro pics from Erin Blinn on her blog (and I love them ALL!): 

I'm sure there will be more to come when Joni posts her blog and when I get some pictures back (no rush to my lovely photogs, I promise!).

Honeymoon was incredible - 10 relaxing days in the sun and ocean!  Great food (I seriously gained 10 lbs - back to the gym MONDAY - geez, I feel so bloated and gross, and I even went to the gym 5 times when I was there - just too many "hummingbirds" (delicious drink with rum, kaluha, and bananas all blended) and 3 big meals a day! 

Will post again soon!

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